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What’s new in version 3.0

- This new version of the RECOVER benchmark (v3.0), including its aircraft simulation visualisation capabilities, has been updated to improve compatibility with the latest versions of Matlab®/Simulink® and Microsoft® Windows®. Version 3.0 of the RECOVER benchmark now supports both 32 bit and 64 bit environments.

- The RECOVER aircraft animation and simulation visualisations can now be displayed without the need to install a C-compiler. Customisation of the inputs to the visualisation tool remains possible if required. In this case, a C-compiler needs to be installed.


System Requirements

- Microsoft ®  Windows XP or later

- Direct3D compatible graphics card (OpenGL harware accelaration recommended)

- Matlab®  6.5.1 / Simulink® 5.1 (Release 13 / Service Pack 1 (R13SP1)) or later

- Installed C-compiler (only for visualisation customisation)


License Agreement

The GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark simulation package, accompanying the book 'Fault Tolerant Flight Control - A Benchmark Challenge' published by Springer-Verlag (2010) under the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences series (LNCIS-399), is distributed as a Collective Work. The Matlab®/Simulink® models of the RECOVER benchmark are distributed under the Open Software License (OSL) version 3 or later, whereas the RECOVER visualisation tool remains copyrighted by NLR (although freely distributable with the RECOVER simulation package). Licensing terms and conditions for use of the software are included with the package.



Please register to acquire the RECOVER software package. Installation instructions are included as a help file (help.pdf) in the software package. The book provides further details regarding the benchmark model architecture, mathematical models, signal and data formats and user examples.


Current Version

The current version of the GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark is v3.0. Future updates or amendments wil be announced on this page.




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