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Main Features

The GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark was developed in this research programme as a Matlab®/Simulink® platform for the design and integrated (real-time) evaluation of new fault tolerant control techniques. The benchmark consists of a set of high fidelity simulation and flight control design tools, including aircraft fault scenarios validated against accident flight data.

The GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark software package is equipped with several simulation and analysis tools, all centered around a generic non-linear aircraft model for six degrees-of-freedom non-linear aircraft simulations. For high performance computation and visualisation capabilities, the package has been integrated as a toolbox in the computing environment Matlab®/Simulink®.

The tools of the GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark include trimming and linearisation for (fault tolerant) flight control law design, nonlinear off-line (interactive) simulations, simulation data analysis and flight trajectory and pilot interface visualisations. The modularity of the benchmark makes it customisable to address research goals in terms of aircraft type, flight control system configuration, failure scenarios and assessment criteria.

For a representative simulation of damaged aircraft handling qualities and performances, the benchmark aircraft model has been validated against data from the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) of EL AL Flight 1862, a Boeing 747-200 freighter aircraft that crashed near Amsterdam in 1992 caused by the separation of its right-wing engines.

The GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark is suitable for both offline design and analysis of new fault tolerant flight control system algorithms and integration on simulation platforms for piloted hardware in the loop testing. In conjunction with enhanced graphical tools, including high resolution aircraft visualisations, the benchmark supports tool-based advanced flight control system design and evaluation within research, educational or industrial framework.

The GARTEUR RECOVER Benchmark simulation package accompanies the book ‘Fault Tolerant Flight Control - A Benchmark Challenge’ published by Springer Verlag (2010) under the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences series (LNCIS-399). The book provides further details regarding the benchmark model architecture, mathematical models, signal and data formats and user examples.






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