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The GARTEUR Action Group FM-AG(16) on Fault Tolerant Control has made a significant step forward in terms of bringing novel ‘intelligent’ self-adaptive flight control techniques, originally conceived within the academic and research community, to a higher technology readiness level. Although work still remains to be done before stringent safety and certification requirements are met, the results of this programme should provide a practical reference for the aerospace community on novel fault tolerant flight control techniques and their integration within the aircraft and cockpit environment. This includes studies on the application and integration issues of modern fault tolerant flight control techniques.

Real-time aircraft integration of the new fault tolerant control algorithms was assessed in a joint experimental simulator programme that consisted of a unique collaboration between commercial transport pilots, flight control system design engineers and industry representatives. The scenarios for the evaluation were selected based on their criticality to the operation of the aircraft and availability of flight data for the replication and validation of the damaged aircraft dynamics.

The experiment results show that the fault tolerant control algorithms are successful in recovering the ability to control damaged aircraft after incurring a sudden hardover of the rudder or a physical loss of two right-wing engines. Simulation results have shown that the handling qualities of the reconfigured damaged aircraft with a fault tolerant control system degrade less, indicating improved task performance. For both the EL AL Flight 1862 and rudder hardover case, as part of the scenarios surveyed in this research programme, the pilots demonstrated the ability to fly the damaged aircraft, following control reconfiguration, back to the airport and conduct a survivable approach and landing.










                     Rudder hardover scenario                                                      Rudder hardover scenario

              Conventional aircraft (Click on video)                        Flight control and engines reconfiguration (Click on video)










           Separation of right-wing engines scenario                                Separation of right-wing engines scenario

              Conventional aircraft (Click on video)                                     Reconfigured aircraft (RTL-4 Television)

                                                                                                                    (Click on video)














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